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So let’s say this blog is certainly what a 22 something would face everyday: Uncertainty. How to take it easy on yourself while you are making the most difficult choice of your life, your choice of career: what you should do and what you really want to do.

Many would have it all figured out since class 5 (I envy them). But then, there exist people like us , the ‘we-like-to-take-it-easy’ people. But who are we kidding, we so wish that someday, somebody could just walk to us, whisper into our ears and tell us, ‘this is the thing for you, go for it’. But, who are we kidding again, that’s never going to happen.

So yes, the hard and bitter truth: You have to decide it for yourself, or take the risk of somebody deciding it for you.

Maybe we could take it up here?

Welcome, and Cheerio 😀


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